Results 2013-2014

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Canadian Espoir Championship – Kamloops – June 3-7, 2014

After a wonderful week in Kamloops BC at Espoir Canadian Nationals, we are so proud of our 13-15 Elite Team who placed 11th overall out of 23 teams (9th in routine). The team missed the final by only 0.2, hugely improving on their championship score from earlier in the season. The team reached their goal of earning a second swim at Nationals by pre-swimming in the final event. For many of these girls, it was their first experience at Nationals and we are so excited for all of the great things still to come for this talented group of athletes.


Provincial Championship – Drummondville – May 17-19, 2014

Congratulations to all of our development athletes and coaches for their great results at Quebec Provincials!!!

Dev U12 Figures: Chloe Feldman – 6th
Dev 13-15 Figures: Kayla De Montigny – 4th

Dev U10 Solo: Lindsay Kelly – 5th
Dev U12 Solo: Chloe Feldman – Silver Medal
Dev 13-15 Solo: Mayumi Pedraza – 5th

Dev U12 Duet: Chloe Feldman – & Shannon Blake – Silver Medal
Dev U12 Team: 9th
Dev 13-15: Magic Team – 4th
Dev 13-15: Rock of Ages Team – 22nd


Canadian Open Championship – Saskatoon – April 30 – May 4, 2014

Congratulations to all of our Junior and Senior athletes for an amazing and memorable season. Your hard work certainly paid off with many “best swims” and lots of great results. We are so proud of not only your performances, but also your determination, fearlessness, and professionalism.


Junior A – 4th
Junior B – 14th (12th in routine, pre-swimmer in finals)

Audrey Joly / Rebecca Harrower – 7th
Carol Ross / Madison Craney – 13th (12th in routine, pre-swimmer in finals)
Emily Mcleod / Anne-Sophie Saindon – 17th (16th in routine)

Rebecca Harrower – 8th (7th in routine)
Audrey Joly – 9th
Carol Ross – 18th
*Special mention to Madison Craney for a wonderful pre-swim!


Elizabeth Savard
Solo Tech: 2nd – Silver Medal
Solo Free: 1st – Gold Medal

Jenny Coussa & Mollie Crevier-Morin
Duet Tech: 3rd – Bronze Medal
Duet Free: 4th


Inter-regionals 4 – Montreal – March 22-23, 2014

A huge congratulations to all of our development athletes and coaches on an amazing weekend at Inter-Regionals! This past weekend, clubs from throughout the Montreal area competed to determine the routines that will move on to compete at the Quebec Provincial Championships in May. Our Dollard athletes certainly showed off all of their talent and hard work by bringing home a TOTAL OF 13 MEDALS!!

Novice U12: Catriona Larouche – Silver Medal
Dev U10: Lindsay Kelly – Silver Medal
Dev 13-15: Mayumi Pedraza – Gold Medal
Kayla De Montigny – 4th

*Novice U10: Justine Bouchard- Bronze Medal
*Novice U12: Catriona Larouche – Bronze Medal
*Dev U10: Lindsay Kelly – Gold Medal
Dev U12: *Chloe Feldman- Bronze Medal
Angie Kayll – 4th
Shannon Blake 5th
Claudia Janvier – 9th
Jasmin Goring – 10th.
Dev 13-15: *Mayumi Pedraza – Gold Medal
Natalie Weber – 5th
Alyssa Rutenberg – 7th
Emily Cohen – 9th
Maggie Kayll – 19th.

*Novice U10: Eva Ferris & Olivia Raymond – Gold Medal
Dev U12: *Chloe Feldman & Shannon Blake – Gold Medal
Claudia Janvier & Lindsay Kelly – 4th
Dev 13-15: Brooke Bellas & Liana Voizard – 5th
Kayla DeMontigny & Alyssa Rutenberg – 6th
Emily Cohen & Vanessa Porfilio – 8th
Maggie Kayll & Angie Kayll – 12th
Miranda Gastan & Julia Pagel – 13th.

*Novice U10: Silver Medal
*Dev U12: Bronze Medal
Dev 13-15: *”Magical Team” Gold Medal
*”Rock of Ages Team” 10th

*Routines that advance to Quebec Provincials.

WAY TO GO DDO! Keep up your hard work, we can’t wait to see the end result in May!


National Qualifiers – Montreal – March 10-16, 2014

After a well earned week off, our elite teams will be back in the pool tomorrow to prepare for Nationals! First, we would like to congratulate all of our elite athletes and coaches on their great performances at the Canadian Qualifier that took place in Montreal last week. This event is the biggest synchronized swimming competition in Canada, with over 500 athletes from across the country all competing for their chance to compete at either the Open or Espoir Nationals at the end of the season. Congratulations to all of our athletes on a great week of competition!

*13-15: 15th (7th in routine, pre-swimmer in Finals)
*Junior B: 15th (11th in routine, pre-swimmer in Finals)
*Junior A: 5th overall, 4th in routine

*Senior Tech Solo: Elizabeth Savard – Gold Medal
*Senior Free Solo: Elizabeth Savard – Gold Medal

*Rebecca Harrower – 10th
*Audrey Joly – 13th
*Carol Ross – 19th
Madison Craney – 22nd (19th in routine, chosen as pre-swimmer for the Junior Solo event at Open Nationals)

13-15 SOLO
Evangelia Clavel – 35th (31st in routine)

*Senior Tech Duet: Mollie Crevier-Morin & Jenny Coussa – Silver Medal
*Senior Free Duet: Mollie Crevier-Morin & Jenny Coussa – 5th

*Audrey Joly & Rebecca Harrower – 8th (7th in routine)
*Carol Ross & Madison Craney – 12th
*Anne-Sophie Saindon & Emily McLeod – 18th (15th in routine)

13-15 DUET
Evangelia Clavel & Megan Booler – 25th (21st in routine)

*Routines that have qualified in the top 20 and will move on to Nationals.


Provincial Championship – Dollard-des-Ormeaux – February 7-9, 2014

Congratulations to all of our athletes for a GREAT competition at Provincials this weekend. We would also like to send out a HUGE thank you to all of our parent volunteers who made the meet a big success! We are so proud to have such incredible athletes, coaches, and parents. Thank you everyone

12 & U
Figures: Emmanuelle Laflamme – 4th
Solo: Emmanuelle Laflamme – Silver Medal

Figures: Megan Booler – 11th
Solo: Evangelia Clavel – 10th (9th in routine)
Duet: Evangelia Clavel & Megan Booler – 8th (7th in routine)
Team: 6th (4th in routine)

Audrey Joly – Silver Medal
Rebecca Harrower – 4th
Carol Ross -10th
Rebecca Harrower – 4th
Audrey Joly – 8th
Carol Ross – 9th
Madison Craney – 12th
Emily McLeod – 14th
Anne-Sophie Saindon – 16th
Audrey Joly & Rebecca Harrower – Silver Medal
Carol Ross & Madison Craney –  4th (3rd in routine)
Anne-Sophie Saindon & Emily McLeod – 11th (10th in routine)
Junior ‘A’ Team – Bronze Medal
Junior ‘B’ Team – 5th (4th in routine)

Solo Tech: Elizabeth Savard – Gold Medal
Solo Free: Elizabeth Savard – Gold Medal
Duet Tech: Jenny Coussa & Mollie Crevier-Morin – Gold Medal
Duet Free: Jenny Coussa & Mollie Crevier-Morin – Silver Medal

*All top 12 results will move on to compete at Canadian Qualifiers in March!


Pre-Provincials  – Québec city – December 13-15, 2013

Great job this weekend to all DDO athletes who competed at Pre-Provincials in Quebec City!

13-15 Team: 4th

Junior A Team: Silver Medal

Junior B Team: 5th

Elizabeth Savard: Gold Medal in Sr. Tech Solo

Mollie Crevier-Morin & Jenny Coussa: Silver Medal in Sr Tech Duet, 4th in Sr. Free Duet

Carol Ross & Madison Craney: 4th in Junior Duet

Madison Craney: 6th in Junior figures & 2nd in Jeux de Canada figures