National Stream

The Dollard Synchro National Stream Program is for dedicated, high caliber athletes who seek to realize their full potential. Athletes in this program train many hours in a disciplined environment to perfect their skills so that they are ready to compete against the strongest athletes in the country and in some cases the world.

National Stream athletes are high achievers, so many of the club’s alumni end up going on to high profile positions. Example: Cirque de Soleil – Eau show in Las Vegas, Olympics, Head Coach positions, National Team Coach positions, Teachers, Business women, Designers, Sports Therapists, etc.

Competitive national stream teams practice numerous hours to improve and refine their flexibility, core body strength, figure and routine skills. The end goal is to compete at national and in some cases international level competitions. This program is not for every athlete. It is geared toward those who thrive off of high intensity training.

Must attend Back to Basics Camp and Team Placement Day.

The athletes will require routine suit(s), black suit, black cap, club suit, club cap, track suit, club shirt, goggles and nose clip.

Within National Stream, the following teams are offered:

• 13-15 Team (18 hrs/week)
• Junior Team (18 hrs/week)
• Junior/Senior Combo (hours TBA)
• Masters Team (hours TBA)